Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walk for a Cure for Diabetes

We went to the zoo to meet my co-workers so we could all walk together for a fund raiser supporting a cure for diabetes. Coffee, fruit, green wrist bands, and tee-shirts where issued after we turned in our money. Several other booths lined the fence under canopy’s served donated food; all sugar free. This was paradise to me. We woke up most of the animals as we gathered while walking through the zoo’s entrance gates. We figured the animals were not used to several hundred people waking them up before breakfast was served. The lions were roaring for their breakfast, or at least we think that is what they wanted. Their deep roars echoed throughout the park as we walked away looking over our shoulders. They sounded as if they were right behind us. The weather started out very cool, but by 10:30 a.m.; it was warming up quickly. Piccadilly restaurant donated noodle salad mixed with chicken along with a cherry cobbler at the end of the walk. The food was served in cups with fruit and a sugar free drink. An announcer was describing a set of found on the ground Toyota car keys as we all finished our food. Someone was going to be very surprised when they got to their car. All of my things seemed to be in check. At least that is what I thought. I placed my phone and money on the dining room table when we got home. We did our usual Saturday running around. We went to breakfast the next day after taking the cat to the vet. While we sat at the table ordering our breakfast, I realized I lost my drivers license somewhere at the zoo. I could picture the announcer calling my name after we left. I looked up the phone number and called the zoo from the breakfast table. My license was never turned in. I ordered a new drivers license online for $25.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whats Happening!

Steve and Elissa performed last night! The concert was beautiful. Elissa sat first chair while playing her flute solos despite her cold. Amaze in Grace, wow. Steve moved around the percussion section perfectly. Ghost Train! A masterpiece of music which is whimsical. Solos for both of them, priceless! This was a gathering of musicians who enjoy sharing their talents with an audience who enjoys listening.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello......... :)

After I picked up m iphone, I sat down to write this post and looked for a picture of the cupcake tree. Oh, oh. Why can't I find one? Maybe I didn't take a picture after every ornament I own was placed on the tree. I'm sorry!
We went to Pet Supermarket yesterday to pick up nutritional serum for the cats. In one of the cages was a black cat with one eye missing. A few weeks ago, the Cat Network posted a cat which was missing from Ft. Lauderdale with one eye missing. I emailed the owner of the cat after we arrived home with the address and telephone number of the Pet Supermarket Store. He responded this was not his cat; however, he did receive additional telephone numbers of other areas that may have his cat. He thinks his neighbor took his cat for a ride. The cat at Pet Supermarket was a female and his missing cat was a male. Hopefully, I will be able to post Anthony found his cat in the future.
The weather has been wonderful! A few of the cats like to sleep under towels to stay warm even though we have the heater on. Bodyguard took an extremely long nap the day I took this picture. Zorro’s extreme close-up is of him asking if I have seen his LOL luggage.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh my.

I found a cupcake Christmas tree today! It’s resting in the backyard drinking water since Mark had to work today. I tried to pick up the tree and place it in the tree stand, lol; it was too heavy for me to lift. Publix had just received 200 trees this morning which allowed me to purchase Christmas tree number 16 by 9 AM. I drove the PT Cruiser ten-miles under the speed limit to protect the branches at the very top. I had the tree placed inside the car with the seats down. The tree was too tall to close the hatch so I drove with the hatch slightly open. I thought the hatch was heavy enough not to lift up in the air while I was driving. Suddenly, I could hear the traffic racing past me much louder than when I first started driving. So, I looked behind me and yikes! I pulled over at the next right-hand-turn so I could tie the hatch down preventing the glass from breaking. Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get the tree in the house to decorate.

Sad news. Kim fell while doing her rehab exercises which allowed her to walk from her previous leg fracture. She is wearing a cast and is back in the hospital which is the same place she went when she broke her leg the first time. We had a very happy occasion during Thanksgiving when she walked into the house in front all the guests. We all clapped with joy. She lost her cell phone the same day. We ordered a new one for her already. The cell phone will be red instead of purple which is her favorite color. Mark couldn’t get the replacement in purple this time. Our prayers and thoughts are with Kimmie as she recovers in the hospital.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feels a little like.........

Two Christmas gifts and cards were purchased today at BJ’s Wholesale Club. This felt wonderful as if I’m actually going to finish early. Awww, the Christmas tree; however, I didn’t find a tree since I’m looking for a cupcake. The wish list of family & friends names was printed today along with a budget. Next, bows, boxes, and wrapping paper are next. The smell of spice caking baking, bling-bling decorations, and lights will more than likely happen by next weekend. My goal is to stand the tree in the middle of the living room window full of bulbs, flickering lights, shiny garland, and candy canes. My guests are used to finding candy canes on the tree as they walk in the house. If the candy canes are missing, they will ask me what happened to them. “Did you eat them?”

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my parents! May they have many more.

I called both my parents today to wish them Happy Anniversary. I was also able to speak to my Grandmother which was a bonus. She survived a mild stroke and is learning to talk while adjusting to the use the left side of her body again. I told her I know she would surprise us and arrive back home. She just laughed. Her tone was the same with the sweet sound of inspiration.

Thanksgiving. We had eight family members for Happy Thanksgiving this year. I kept wondering around the kitchen wondering why everything seems so organized and simple. No mishaps this year. Thirty family members arrived last year and we had a wonderful time as well. This year the menu consisted of candy, corn bread, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing with gravy, turkey, key lime pie, and pumpkin pie. Ranger makes the best stuffing and gravy in the tropics. Adam and Veronica even enjoyed second day left-overs are after work with our blessing.

Christmas is just around the corner. My goal is to buy a Christmas tree in from my neighborhood before they are sold out. Otherwise, we will have to drive North or South of our area to find one. My goal is to purchase a cupcake tree. What is a cupcake tree? A cupcake tree is very tall, thick and wide. We had a tree like this two-years ago which required more ornaments than I’ve collected over the past years. I even went out and bought some more thinking this will fill up the remaining areas of the tree. Hum, I couldn’t believe the tree was still not full. The magic of decorating a tree is precious.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

How long has it been?

Woe as me. My crown came off Friday morning while I was eating breakfast at my desk. Okay, was a temporary crown I was going to replace with the final one as soon as I returned for an appt. That was oh, hum, about three years ago. Ops. I have an appt this Friday at 8 AM. The good news is I'm not eating like I usually do and may lose some weight. The bad news is, I'm going to have several shots to numb my gums. Well, I hope the crown will still fits. I have a feeling a lecture is about to occur from my dentist. Yes, I’m pretty sure about that.