Sunday, October 31, 2010

How long has it been?

Woe as me. My crown came off Friday morning while I was eating breakfast at my desk. Okay, was a temporary crown I was going to replace with the final one as soon as I returned for an appt. That was oh, hum, about three years ago. Ops. I have an appt this Friday at 8 AM. The good news is I'm not eating like I usually do and may lose some weight. The bad news is, I'm going to have several shots to numb my gums. Well, I hope the crown will still fits. I have a feeling a lecture is about to occur from my dentist. Yes, I’m pretty sure about that.


RANGER said...

I am happy that you didn't swallow the temporary one. Poor Baby.

I have to admit that the first image that ran through my mind was your royal tiara falling off instead of a dental crown. I thought you were speaking symbolically instead of actually about a real mishap.

I hope your appointment goes well and the dentist doesn't scold too much.

Zeta said...

Whew...the fits. :/) Ah, It's so wonderful to be pain free.

ol Doc said...

Oh, wow - I, too, had a completely different direction for this blog. Like how many Frogs have you got lined up to kiss, anyway.

I have never had a crown reinstalled on the poor root canalled tooth. I tend to wait a little too long - or else the crowh disappears in the sandwich and I'm not about to go after it later. I'm so glad you were able to effect the repair without further mishap. Good dentist, too!