Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my parents! May they have many more.

I called both my parents today to wish them Happy Anniversary. I was also able to speak to my Grandmother which was a bonus. She survived a mild stroke and is learning to talk while adjusting to the use the left side of her body again. I told her I know she would surprise us and arrive back home. She just laughed. Her tone was the same with the sweet sound of inspiration.

Thanksgiving. We had eight family members for Happy Thanksgiving this year. I kept wondering around the kitchen wondering why everything seems so organized and simple. No mishaps this year. Thirty family members arrived last year and we had a wonderful time as well. This year the menu consisted of candy, corn bread, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing with gravy, turkey, key lime pie, and pumpkin pie. Ranger makes the best stuffing and gravy in the tropics. Adam and Veronica even enjoyed second day left-overs are after work with our blessing.

Christmas is just around the corner. My goal is to buy a Christmas tree in from my neighborhood before they are sold out. Otherwise, we will have to drive North or South of our area to find one. My goal is to purchase a cupcake tree. What is a cupcake tree? A cupcake tree is very tall, thick and wide. We had a tree like this two-years ago which required more ornaments than I’ve collected over the past years. I even went out and bought some more thinking this will fill up the remaining areas of the tree. Hum, I couldn’t believe the tree was still not full. The magic of decorating a tree is precious.


RANGER said...

I am so glad you spoke with G-Mom. The feast at your house was phenomenally good. I enjoyed the company and even the drive home with care package for BigEd.

Zeta said...

Thank you for traveling several hours home and joining us on Thanksgiving Day.

ol Doc said...

When you find and decorate your cupcake tree, please post a picture (or email one!) so I can see how it looks. It sounds good enough to eat! Almost as good as your Mom's dressing and gravy.