Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh my.

I found a cupcake Christmas tree today! It’s resting in the backyard drinking water since Mark had to work today. I tried to pick up the tree and place it in the tree stand, lol; it was too heavy for me to lift. Publix had just received 200 trees this morning which allowed me to purchase Christmas tree number 16 by 9 AM. I drove the PT Cruiser ten-miles under the speed limit to protect the branches at the very top. I had the tree placed inside the car with the seats down. The tree was too tall to close the hatch so I drove with the hatch slightly open. I thought the hatch was heavy enough not to lift up in the air while I was driving. Suddenly, I could hear the traffic racing past me much louder than when I first started driving. So, I looked behind me and yikes! I pulled over at the next right-hand-turn so I could tie the hatch down preventing the glass from breaking. Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get the tree in the house to decorate.

Sad news. Kim fell while doing her rehab exercises which allowed her to walk from her previous leg fracture. She is wearing a cast and is back in the hospital which is the same place she went when she broke her leg the first time. We had a very happy occasion during Thanksgiving when she walked into the house in front all the guests. We all clapped with joy. She lost her cell phone the same day. We ordered a new one for her already. The cell phone will be red instead of purple which is her favorite color. Mark couldn’t get the replacement in purple this time. Our prayers and thoughts are with Kimmie as she recovers in the hospital.


ol Doc said...

So sorry to hear about Kimmie. We will surely keep her in our prayers.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with good ol' number 16. I know you'll do a fantastic job.

RANGER said...

This is such sad news. We were so happy to see her walk from the living room to the Thanksgiving table. What a horrible setback and what were the rehab people thinking (or not thinking) to let her fall?

I wish I could see your tree. G-mom has a medium sized one that friends set up for her.