Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello......... :)

After I picked up m iphone, I sat down to write this post and looked for a picture of the cupcake tree. Oh, oh. Why can't I find one? Maybe I didn't take a picture after every ornament I own was placed on the tree. I'm sorry!
We went to Pet Supermarket yesterday to pick up nutritional serum for the cats. In one of the cages was a black cat with one eye missing. A few weeks ago, the Cat Network posted a cat which was missing from Ft. Lauderdale with one eye missing. I emailed the owner of the cat after we arrived home with the address and telephone number of the Pet Supermarket Store. He responded this was not his cat; however, he did receive additional telephone numbers of other areas that may have his cat. He thinks his neighbor took his cat for a ride. The cat at Pet Supermarket was a female and his missing cat was a male. Hopefully, I will be able to post Anthony found his cat in the future.
The weather has been wonderful! A few of the cats like to sleep under towels to stay warm even though we have the heater on. Bodyguard took an extremely long nap the day I took this picture. Zorro’s extreme close-up is of him asking if I have seen his LOL luggage.


ol Doc said...

I'm so glad to see your post, I won't even fuss about no cupcake tree picture.

Love the cat in the towel picture. It reminded me of when the girls were little and I used to fold a blanket into a pocket underneath the sheet and quilt, so they could sleep warmly on cold winter nights. It worked nicely to trap body heat.

It'll be nice to hear if the 1-eye kittie is located. The neighbor ought to be taken for a ride, himself! How mean was he!

Zeta said...

He should have deep pocket fines to pay. Only, after proof of course. Video, pictures, or an eye witness will do. Evidence beyond all reasonable doubt.

RANGER said...

I reasonably doubt that he is a very good neighbor.