Sunday, August 15, 2010

New items for renovation in progress.

The bathroom is now down to the bare-bones of our renovation. All of the fifty-year old items have been removed and new items have been purchased pictured above :). Mark wants the renovation to be perfect. Awesome. Three layers of paint are being scraped off the walls in preparation for kills-it and new paint. Life does not stop just because you start a new project. Guests still arrive, the home phone rings, and the cats still expect to be fed. Monday morning arrives before you realize the weekend is over. Thank goodness we have a second bathroom to fall back on. Occasionally, I’ll walk into the bathroom and realize, oh yeah. In my defense I'm usually milt-tasking when that happens.


RANGER said...

I tried before but Blogger was be having "issues" at that time. It is going to be gorgeous. Just got your comment re the kitchen. That will be so neat.

ol Doc said...

It looks like it'll be gorgeous when you're done. Good about a 2nd bath to fall back on. Or in. Dont forget - we want a photo of the finished room. You and HGTV - you go girl! And guy!