Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lost and found.

I’ve manage to join the ranks of bloggers who have found excuses not to post. First issue, one of my kittens past away who were just nine-weeks old. I took her to the vet not realizing she was going to pass away no matter what I did. My heart sank as if I just lost a dear friend. Her name was Charlotte and I will never forget her sweet face and personality. She was the sister of Charlie who is very happy in Elissa’s home. Elissa and Steve are great parents. Then, several family members went into the hospital. Next, I hurt my back and I’m still feeling the aches and pains of muscles that just won’t relax. All the birthdays in July went well. Steve, Adam, Ranger, Nana, Mark and David all in the same four week period. Lots cake, food, and fun. It was great to see Aunt Alisha and Uncle Ron as we combine families at Bahamas Breeze. We went to Sebastian to join David for a Birthday Party his wife gave for him. The next day we all gathered at Rock Fish Grill to bring in Marks and my Moms birthday. We also went to Calder Race track for Nana’s birthday. Mark and I won $60 and cashed it in so we could walk out with more money than we walked in with. Body Guard is an official inside cat with his LOL luggage totally unpacked. He’s a morning cat and wakes up between 5:30 to 6 am everyday to eat his breakfast. “More food please.” Body Guard is sitting on his new cat scratching post compliments of Ranger. He adores his new toy and uses it several times a day. The cat nip stored inside the cardboard also entertains the kitten inside him.


RANGER said...

I do love the picture of the rear view mirror reflecting the stormy sky behind you while you are driving into the fair weather ahead. A metaphor for life, we hope. At least the birthday-heavy month is over.

I am happy that BG likes the pad. They do save the furniture and give the kitties a new toy in the bargain.

His LoL Cat luggage - how adorable.

Anonymous said...

well we survived another July thanks to a lot of hard work for Zeta (thank you very much0. love you M

ol Doc said...

What M said!

And that is a thought provoking picture in the rear-view.