Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad Eyes ^..^

A new link as been added to Zeta’s blog called “The Cat Network”. I’ll be attending an appointment in September for our first Vet visit. I’ll be joining the network and more than likely help by voluntary my time. An appointment was made for surgery to help reduce the cat homeless population at Zeta’s place of residence. More than likely medication will be issed at a reduced rate as well. The tech told me they will be glad to help me after I mentioned how many cats I had which were mostly homeless at one time. The first cat showed up in our backyard pregnant and hungry. Her pregnancy was not noticed until a few weeks later. Yes, I still would have fed Buttons along with a warm place to sleep.
Mark noticed a car stop in the street abruptly while walking outside to get the Sunday paper. While picking up the paper, he noticed a man with white trash bag. He thought “Great, your dumping your trash in the street right in front of my house”. The man drove away as Mark yelled “Hey”. Then he saw the white plastic bag was moving. Next, three kittens appeared and approached him. He walked to the house with the kittens following behind him. He spoke to them so they knew it was okay to follow him to the house. Now, they are three quarters grown and love to play in the Kitty City we bought a few weeks ago. One of the kittens has sad eyes as if the stress of life was just too much for him. Now his eyes are filled with joy, but we mentioned his sad eyes to much that he responds to those words. So I guess the name will stick unless he responds to another name. The kittens are starting to trust us. Can you blame them after what they have been through? Sad Eyes is white and has a black strip on his back as if he was carrying one lane of the highway on his back.


RANGER said...

Mew was a stray which we took in so she wouldn't die on our watch. So was a very pregnant CP, long ago.

When we had CP's kittens to care for, we also had dogs. They knew our own kitties and would not let other cats come and visit/eat. But, they protected our own cats extremely well.

I guess that is why our homeless cat population didn't grow. Now? Mew is vigilant and noisy to keep other cats away from her house. It must work.

In the old days, the collies and the white shepherd loved the cats as much as we did. Puff MacDuff just followed Lobo's lead.

I am so pleased that you and Mark are doing what is a good thing. The cats will benefit, in the long run.

ol Doc said...

I'm so glad the kitties wound up with people who will love them. Shame Mark didn't get a tag on the car. You could have charged the vet fees to the abandoning party. Next time, name the little guys Gold, Silver, Diamond, etc. That way you could advertise "Very Valuable Cats, Free to Loving Home.