Monday, December 7, 2009

Productive weekend.

Wow, we have our Christmas tree in the living room drinking water without decorations. This task is on my list of things to do by this weekend. Pictures will be posted once the tree had been completed. We went to Home Deport to discover most of their trees had already been sold. Then we went to Lowes to discover the perfect tree. I drove the PT Cruiser around the side near the area where the trees were being loaded to make it easier for the employee to place the tree in the back of the car. Mark went inside Lowes to pay for the tree while I moved the car closer. After I open the back door, I walked to the area where the trees were being cut on bottom. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, an employee was placing the wrong tree in back of the PT. OOPS. I said "Wait, wait! That’s not my Christmas tree, it’s this one." Everybody laughed including the owner of the wrong tree being placed in back of the PT. Whew, then it started to sprinkle as we drove back to the house. Luckily, it was not a down pour.


ol Doc said...

The reason I bought my 2nd car was so that I could fit a Christmas tree inside the trunk and slide it up into the interior - to bring it home. Well, I also bought it because I liked the way it drove and looked - a Barracuda hatchback - grey with a red leather interior. Oh, I miss that car.

RANGER said...

It's a good thing someone was alert. The other patron would not have been laughing if you had actually driven away with the"wrong" one.