Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boom and finished shopping.

One of our family members was in a car accident on Friday. Both airbags deployed and the car was totaled. She went to the hospital by ambulance. Thank goodness she is okay. I'll let her talk about the experience on her blog. Please allow her time to heal from her injuries before she posts.

We finished Holiday shopping today. Yahoo. The wrapping process continues. I've already wrapped six gifts. Whew, people are driving as if they all of a sudden can't remember how to drive! We were stopped at a red light with several cars blocking the intersection. Once the cars passed, all of a sudden, a lady took the red light. We stopped along with the other rows of cars allowing her to continue breaking the law. Boy, that was a close one. Did she really need to cross to the other side at all costs? My mind went to the thoughts of our family who who was struck by a driver who didn't see her as we drove away from the intersection. My heart feels heavy since she is in pain. The accident was not her fault.

We are experiencing a cccooollddd front this evening. Time to break out the heavy feather down cover, and possibly turning on the heater. Still wearing my flip-flop, ha.

Hum, wonder if my Dad started is tree yet?


RANGER said...

Finished. Mostly. He is worn out from all the decorating of the tree. Has to put the train up and move the little village into place.

Otherwise, we are not wrapped too tightly, either. Giftwise I mean.

ol Doc said...

Hah! You're wrapped as well as can be expected, this close to Christmas!

I haven't been able to post to Piccpiper's weblog because I'm seeing a partial comment box and I haven't been able to input the wierd letter/number combination needed to allow the comment to post. But we are keeping the dear family member and her husband in our prayers.