Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giivng Thanks.

First day of December....now is the moment we must count down to all of the things we have to do by the…..23rd, 24th, .25th. Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. Having the family together for a big reunion was spectacular. Only three family members were unable to arrive due to their job schedules. The raffle created excitement with anticipation who will win next. The amount of help given to the gathering was wonderful. My plan is to send out Thank You notes to show my gratitude for all the help received. Having family from Atlanta drive to Miami and join us was so grand. We had a great time with everyone.


RANGER said...

We had a wonderful time, too. I forgot to tell you I also won $4 on the scratch-off. I cashed it in yesterday. The guy scanned it and then the Lotto system went down. I guess I broke it. Heh.

ol Doc said...

Please, Ranger - any time we win together - let me cash in ahead of you in line. Please! Glad the reunion went so well. Sounds like a wonderful time.

RANGER said...

01 Doc, You are not going to believe what happened today. I dropped by the store to use the four dollars to buy lotto and powerball. The money was a gift, no? (thank you, Zeta)

Well, the clerk printed the tickets and counted three instead of four.

"I must have forgot the second lotto," he said, and pushed again.

"No wait, the computer is slow," he said to himself. Finally it spit out the missing lotto ticket and then the second one he had pushed.

Of course, I forked over another dollar. Who knows?

Zeta said...

Your very welcome.