Sunday, October 11, 2009

IRL on a sunny day !

We had a great time at the IRL race on Saturday in Homestead. Plus, we have connections and credentials that allow us to roam around the track in a golf cart. We also have a pass which allows us to access the garage. Mark told Danica it was fine to help herself pass in front of our cart since people were starting to follow her. Her crew allowed me to enter the garage and Mark took this picture of me next to her car. Another fan asked me to take his picture next to #7 Danica’s car as I started to walk away and I said “Sure.” I'm kicking myself for not curling my hair for this picture. This was the first IRL race I can remember ending without any cautions. The only fender bender (which was NOT Danica's fault), was when #4 Dan Wheldon's spotter told him to leave the pit when she was turning into her spot for a quick tire change. My heart sank. “How on earth,” then I remembered I was in the press box surrounded by important people. Quietly, I expressed my “It’s not fair" tantrum. We believe since there are two cars orange and black, it confused the spotter. I was confused during the race which one was Danica’s car since they look so much alike. The picture I took inside the press boxes looks neat and you can even see the track through the windows. The AC felt wonderful, and I so grateful that we have several of the best seats on the track.


ol-Doc said...

Great shots and it looks like Danica was getting mobbed - nice of y'all to let her go in front. I wouldn't kick about curling your hair. You look so fine and happy to be where you were. Plus, Danica didn't do anything with her hair either. Happy Birthday!!

RANGER said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of Danica was: Boy, is her hair shiny. What a good candid of her. You two had VIP seats and then some. Wow!

ol_Doc said...

Funny, I thought she has been out in the sun so long it's got that red sheen to it. I guess it's twisted up so it'll fit under her helmet?