Sunday, October 18, 2009


RANGER said...

I didn't know these were taken. I will show the family member who appears in some of them. Thank you.

I sat on wooden Orange Bowl bleachers as a very young 'un and had to have splinters removed from various places, next day. I was a wiggly worm. Those were splintery seats, though.

ol-Doc said...

I too sat on the wood bleachers and recall the booming sound as the crowd stomped feet. It just echoed like a huge drum. Later, I learded about soldiers marching in step making a bridge collapse so that's why they march over bridges out of step. Wonder what part of the old Orange Bowl Stadium would still be standing if we had timed our foot stomping to strike all at the same time on the beat - 1,2 -1,2 - 1,ooops!