Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wake up people.

Our teacher is a wonderful steno advisor for our night class on Tuesday and Thursday. My seat is in the very front row since it was the only spot left when I arrived a week late to class due to hours in the office. When I turned around to see our teacher last night, I smiled and said "Everyone looks so tired." Most of the students shock their heads as in "Yes you are correct." It is not easy, day.....will be worth the trouble. One of my friends is now working as a Court Reporter and she loves her job. She even wrote this on Facebook for everyone to see. My last steno test of last week did not proceed as well as I expected. My office issued a flu shot to me in the left arm free of charge. So the pain I felt in my arm did not require any money, just my signature, some fear. I’ll blame the side effects of the flu shot for my terrible grade of "No Pass" on my test of last week.


RANGER said...

I blame it too. Your flu shot gave me side effects as well.

Ah no, it was my own flu shot that gave me a sore arm. Sorry.

ol-Doc said...

That flu shot was not painful going in but oooh-boy the aftermath was sore as could be. I couldn't have passed a test for Court Reporting after having had my shot. Of course, I couldn't pass that sort of test after any sort of injection - I admire anyone who understands what they're doing enough to get a "Not Passed" on such an exam.

You'll get 'em next time!