Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can I help you? Did you say computer?

Early to rise and off to breakfast so we could shop at Brandsmart for a few items we needed for our home. We found our coffee pot on sale, an iron on sale, and bags for the seal-a-meal. The store was packed full of shoppers running around with newspapers looking for the sale items. Sales people would ease drop on our conversations trying to figure out what they could sell us. Some of the employees were really funny and we had a few good laughs. We left Brandsmart and headed to BJ's Wholesale Club. This kind of shopping requires helpey-selfey-plan. So I had Mark lift the H20 cases. You never now about hurricane season. One minute your living your normal life and the next you are preparing for a Storm.


RANGER said...

I guess you can't even say the word computer in Brandsmart. Good place to score stuff, though.

ol Doc said...

Sorry to say, we have no Brandsmart where we live. Wish we did so we'uns could score stuff like y'all. Nice going!