Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two tests and a student question.

It was raining when I arrived to the school parking lot with some lightening. My Nike blue umbrella kept my hair dry, but my feet seem to be swimming in puddles of water. My professor handed me a test with 222 theory words. She mentioned she had a second theory test that was a few less words than the first test. They were makeup tests since I missed school last week. I took both tests the same evening. Why not. I needed to catch up. When I got up to hand both tests to my professor, one of the students asked me "Did you answer every question? I think I did terrible." I told her "Yes. I answered to the best of my memory." Many of the words were blank when I looked down at her test paper she was handing the professor. I wondered how she got this far in court reporting if she didn't know the theory. As I left to arrive back to my car; it started raining again. This conversation took me back to my beginning days as a student reporter and the eagerness to learn. I pondered over the summer if I can handle family life, school and work. Now, I know one day, I will be a Court Reporter.


ol Doc said...

What a great post. I know you will sure as shootin' succeed and be the best Court Reporter in the entire city, state, nation or world. Keep the 'tude! It looks good on ya.

Big Ed said...

Think of all the free time you will have being a court reporter. I wonder how that student is doing that didn't turn in all the answers.

RANGER said...

I have always said, always said, that you would do it. M knew it, too.