Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green grass, shopping, and steno.

Finally, the grass grew after a few days of rain. This created the next step of our lawn company folks to show up to create a neat and trim yard. Only a few homes in the area have a sprinkler system connected to a well.

The three shoppers of Kendall gathered items from David's bridal and Micheal's craft store over the weekend. The wedding dress looks.....beautiful. That's all the groom needs to know. Heheheh. Micheal's has a atmosphere similar to Disney once everyone starts brain storming. My flip-flops are so much more comfortable than flat shows. Wish I could wear them 24-7.

Steno world is improving with accuracy. Off to finger drills and Members of Congress statements.


RANGER said...

Members of Congress statements? I guess you are doing what you have to.

When I was trying to refresh my typing skills in order to pass a test, I typed most of "The High and the Mighty" by Ernest K. Gann.

At least I was not put to sleep by the subject. 'Course, I only had to reach 35 wpm, not the vastly-fastly, court reporterly number you can do.

Big Ed said...

How exciting, members of Congress statements, It's like eating a spoon full of dirt and telling yourself that it's good. It will all pay off in the end when you are getting paid the big bucks.

I see you are excited about the wedding.