Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zoom Zoom eerrrhhhh........

Busy is an understatement.

Steno has consumed my world. That's okay. Getting paid for a job I really enjoy and want to do will pay off eventually, after I graduate from school. My professor has been very accurate figuring out my steno problem when I get stuck on a certain speed.

Mark and I went to see the movie "Taken." This movie was fantastic. The edge of my seat is where I sat during the entire movie.

Tomorrow, I will be shopping with Elissa and Veronica. Our first step is of course Star Bucks, Davids Bridal, lunch, and then to Micheal's Craft Store. We are looking forward to our day of planning and shopping.

Finally, it rained. The grass in the front and back of our home is green again. Yahoo. I'm sure our lawn man appreciates the rain since we have not seen him for a few weeks.

My conclusion with the music video I was trying to attached to this blog is, the file is too big. Must consult my guru.

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