Monday, April 20, 2009

Bows, Coach, Dresses, and a Wedding.

Elissa and I went shopping at the Dolphin Mall yesterday to purchase our dresses for the wedding. We had a great time, and we did find several beautiful dresses. We also went to the Coach store and found shopping tranquility. I did find a small Coach treasure. A small brown Coach Leather purse for $25. Fifty-percent off plus a markdown was a great find. The original price was $128. This markdown may have been a mistake; however, it was in my favor in their store ink color. Sold.
This will be a small wedding of family and two friends. The amount of people in total is thirty. We ordered chairs three round tables which will be placed between the dining and living-room areas. Thank goodness we have extra chairs in the laundry room in case we need them. We will have ivory table clothes with gold over-lays. Ivory chairs, a guest sign-in table, cake table, and a sweetheart table.
Ranger, you have wonderful craft skills and we appreciate your help. The small & large bows look spectacular, plus the tool across the front and back of the room will look fancy as well.


ol Doc said...

Ve haf to inzist zat zere vill be pic-TURES! Yes! Please?

Zeta said...

LOL, yes. I promise to take pictures :) First, I have to search for the camera cord for the picture transfers. Hum, I'll start in the office and work my way to the kitchen.