Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you to Ranger.............

I'm in class stealing a moment to read a few of my favorite blogs. A big Thank You to Ranger for allowing us to borrow your car while the PT was in the shop. Mark and I both are now attached to your car now and miss the "Hello. Welcome to Camry". We also miss the silver smooth ride, leather seats, and newness. We did miss the PT as well. The Royal Blue car had to have have several belts changed to prevent leaks leading to overheating. When I arrived home after work work, I told Mark "This cant be a good sign". Steam was everywhere in the darkness of night. The light turned on just as I turned in the driveway. I took the expressway most of the way home which kept the car cool under stress. Mark looked at me and wondered what I did to his car silently.

Next, Ranger and I went to pick up the PT from the repair shop. The PT was making a screeching noise it wasn't making before I turned in the car for repair in the parking lot of the dealer. So, we left the car again, plus I just turned in my rental to Enterprise. Ranger to the rescue. She loaned us her car a second time while the PT was being repaired. This eased the stress level for both of us. The customer service department employee; Paula, was wonderful during this whole process. Ranger and I arrived to the dealer at 6:30 AM to retrieve the car a second time. The car runs just fine. Most of the repairs were under warranty, thank goodness. Back to school, work, and planning a reception. Thank you RangerMom and Dad.

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ol Doc said...

Isn't it great to have your family nearby to help in emergencies - or just near misses? Makes one realize how the family compound came into being.

1. First, somebody got rich.
2. Then they bought up the blocks around them.
3. Then they had family move in nearby and
4. Then they closed the gate.

That's always been a dream of mine. Only thing is, I'm having trouble with the first item. ;)