Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tropic weather and Court Houses

Temperatures for this week are perfect. Yahoo, windows are open and fresh air is arriving inside the house.

Being a student court reporter has its perks. I just smile whenever a summons arrives in the US Mail for jury duty. My laptop has a letter ready to go stating I am working on my Associate of Science degree on Court Reporting Technology which is very time consuming. A letter is always returned from the Federal or Civil Courts stating your excused and please continue your classes. Plus I note in the letter that I maybe a future employee of the Federal Courts as a reporter.


Big Ed said...

When I told them I was a student they would change the date till after classes had ended. I could postpone the inevitable, but I couldn't get rid of it.

RANGER said...

Jury duty is interesting when it is for civil cases. I don't know about criminal cases because I was never selected for a criminal jury panel.

When they asked me if I could be impartial, I told the truth. Heh.

Zeta said...

Yes, Big Ed you are correct. This was my fourth letter of being excused, all legal.
If I could take my Steno machine and practice, I would learn even more about the court system. This would be a problem for the judge and the other employees.
I've been chosen for criminal and civil jury duty.

ol Doc said...

I tried to serve one time on a jury in North Central Florida. Turns out I could be impartial but the prosecutor couldn't. Every time she would ask if I had read anything concerning the defendant . . . I had to raise my hand.

Admittedly my reading may have been limited to the official subpoeas for the deputies who were called testify about the defendant but still, I knows impartial when I feels it.