Monday, February 23, 2009

Its official!

Adam stopped by our house Friday afternoon to visit on his way to met a friend who was a pilot. They had made arrangements to met while Veronica was at work to place the glasses and champagne in the plane before they were to take off around 6 pm the next day. Veronica only knew Adam made weekend plans and what type of clothes to wear. It was a surprise with lots of anticipation.

Saturday morning appeared and the rest of us woke up knowing this was going to be a grand day for them. The clock didn't seem to move very fast for some reason. The plane took off headed towards FT. Myers as the sun was starting to set. Veronica sat in the front seat with the pilot so she would not see Adam preparing the campaign and slide the ring inside the glass to land gently at the bottom. Yes, he proposed in the air and of course she said yes. I'll post pictures as soon as I receive copies. This will be a wonderful story for their children to hear.

Adam requested that Steve, Elissa, Mark, Mike, Amy, and I meet him afterwords at a restaurant on the beach. Adam called his dad while we were in route to the restaurant to let him know he had completed his task with great success. May both of them have many more wonderful stories to share with their family and friends.

Congratulations to Adam and Veronica!


ol Doc said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations, indeed and y'all gotta' quit makin' me well up with tears while I'm at work! It's a grand way to propose, though.

RANGER said...

I officially know and am officially so happy for them. We officially expect an invitation to the wedding. Officially!

This is such good news. Trust Adam to be up in the air when he asked the big one.

This is being written on a computer at the library. Don't have ours back yet . . .