Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tropical ops stop sooner then now!

An unusual small fender bender happened in front of me while I was driving the Taurus to the mall to pick up a gift certificate. A young man was trying to stop before he hit the car in front of him since he was not paying attention to the traffic. I noticed my surroundings immediately since there were blue flashing lights of top of the car he was about to rear-end. I could see the driver turn the wheel, smash the brakes as hard as he could and still, boom. The State Trooper he hit was helping another driver whose vehicle had broken down. Right after the slight bump, the officer jumped out of his car arm extended, fingers wide open, as he unsnapped his gun holster with his other hand. Oh my goodness. I looked in the left lane next to look for an escape and was unable to change lanes. I kept wondering if he wanted to me get out of my car as a witness. Who was he actually pointing to? My eyes just kept looking at his hands to make sure all would end well. The driver who hit the officer’s car jumped out and kept apologizing over and over again. The officer realized he was just trying to apologize as sincere as possible. The officer said "How could you not see the flashing of blue lights on all points of this car?" Next both of them look at the vehicles and the officer told him to be more careful and he could go. Whew.


ol Doc said...

Whew, indeed! Glad the trooper was in so forgiving a mood and not one to actually pull a weapon and start blasting away. Atta Boy, Sir!

Zeta said...

Yes, my thoughts as well. The driver who hit the State Troopers car drove away with a stunned look on his face. Betcha he won't make the same mistake again.

RANGER said...

Whew, not a road rage incident. I wonder if he was on a cell phone or just in LaLa Land.

At least he wasn't applying makeup. Haven't you seen someone doing that and wondered about their sanity?

Some trip to the mall that was!

Zeta said...

I noticed he was looking down as if he dropped an item before he hit the brakes. Maybe he dropped his cell phone. Ops. Oh no.