Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crunch, boing, boing, swish.

We are wearing our summer attire and hanging our jackets back in the closets. My boots were replaced with my flip flops in the shoe closet. The neighborhood yards seem to have grass frozen brown from lack of water. Hopefully, it will rain next week or sooner. Crunch.
We are having a luncheon today for one of our employees who decided to transfer to Cutler Bay. Free lunch for everyone! We all signed a Hallmark card from the office and included a Visa gift card inside. This will interfere with my steno practice, but I will have to change my schedule today.
The cats are now basking in the sunshine instead of trying to get warm from cold wind. We have a piece of plywood resting against the fence in the backyard leftover from hurricane protection. A few of the cats use the plywood as a spring board to jump on and off of. Boing, boing. Velcro kitties.
Steve and Elissa are now official home repair experts. They are in the process changing wallpaper and replacing bathroom equipment. Being polite, something you sit on every morning. S. replaced this feature in his hall bathroom without any errors. Way to go S.
Mark is on vacation next week and is thinking of accomplishing a few house projects. Wonder if driveway is at the top of his list.


RANGER said...

Ah, the days of lists from which items actually got marked off as accomplished.

Good for the new homeowners!

These days, our list just grows.

ol Doc said...

These things are always good to know how to fix or replace. Tell S. they will most likely be replacing wax seals and faucets down the road - stuff wears out, leaks or corrodes.

Same things happen to the human body in the older person.
Wear out.
You can almost hear it happening. Where'd I put that wax seal.....