Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Kim has transferred her telephone language to French by accident. So we answer our cell phones with a French Hello to remind her not to hit the buttons without a reason.

Back in Steno World. Why on earth does it have to be so cccoollld on 02/05/09. I'll be in the Taurus wearing many layers wondering what happened to our tropical paradise as I drive to class in the morning. Q. and A. test at 120 wpm.

Lake City 40
Kendall 48
Atlanta GA 16 They are missing a few numbers.
New York 18 They are missing a few numbers too.
Cupterino 44 A city in California; arrived on my I-phone when purchased.
Alabama City -8 oh oh, they are in the red.

All we need now is snow.


RANGER said...

No we don't. We don't need snow. I am not going outside until noon, tomorrow. Or even later.

I don't have enough clothing to put on all the layers I would need if it snowed.

ol Doc said...

In the teens here and the roadsides were so white with ice it looked like it had snowed. It's really lovely to look at - from inside a warm car!

Zeta said...

Its warmed up to 55. Rangermom, you can go outside now.

Aunto1Doc, in the teens. Oh, thank goodness for a warm car.

My car was nice and warm from sitting in the sun around noon time.

RANGER said...

Thank you. Your car was the only smart one in the bunch.

I went outside Thursday afternoon and only wore one sweater over a blouse. We are getting tough.