Monday, January 12, 2009

Zoom, zoom 2009. Life starts at 225.

Yahoo, tomorrow is the first day of school for me. Class in the morning and work in the evening. This is a much easier schedule for my family to follow. Thank goodness for my wonderful professors.

The 1996 Ford Ranger with around 150,000. miles has finally stopped providing transportation. S.s truck is now resting in the carport as its last resting place before its taken away. It was difficult to watch S. take a few items as he walked away from his truck. We towed the truck to our house since we would be home while a mechanic looked at the engine. Plus, Steve and Elissa went to a teachers conference over the weekend which was planned a long time ago. They had a great time at the conference. S. and E. are now entering the world of buying a vehicle with many options. Our hearts went to both of them while we gave them the news the truck was not in such good condition.

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RANGER said...

Let's see, today's the 12th of January. Not a good way to start the year.

But, the truck had compassion in that it did not give up when it was far away on a trip or at S's workplace. Funny how fond you can get of a piece of transportation. In the beginning, it is reliable ole Nelly . . . then suddenly it isn't. Sad.