Monday, January 5, 2009

Doing fine in 2009. New Year.

What has happened since the 24th?

Kim received news from her Doctor she might go home on Jan. 6.
Dave and Lynn spent the weekend with us and we all had a good time.
My Grandmother and Biged went with us to the Xmas party at Marcia's house, we had a good time.
My parents were sick over the Christmas Holidays; but, now they are fine.
Steve and Elissa had their first anniversary. They went to see Circue Du Soleil, Corteo.
Mark and I had out 18th anniversary. We went to Circue Du Soleil, Cortero.
The new year rolled in. Boom, there it is.

Cortero is a grand procession, a festive parade imagined by a clown. The large with the small, the ridiculous with the tragic and the magic of perfection with the charm of imperfection, the show highlights the strength and fragility of the clown, as well as his wisdom and kindness, to illustrate the port of humanity that is n each of us.


RANGER said...

Anniversaries, holidays, clowns, visitors: December is a real month of varied celebrations, isn't it? I still wish we had gotten sick at a more convenient time. If there is such a thing . . .

Zeta said...

Jury Duty? Maybe not. Mark really liked serving on a jury dealing with quick easy cases. Being a court reporter during the case would be fine with me. $$ for my time and skill. Looking forward to this chapter in my life.

ol Doc said...

I've seen a few clowns in my life...even sent in a few. Never those like Cirque d'Soliel. Always wanted to. Was it great or what!

Happy Anniversary all and a Happy New Year!

Big Ed said...

Happy Anniversary, glad Kim is soon on her way home. I had a good time at Marcia's house. All in all, so long to 2008. We shall see what 2009 brings.

Never been to a "special" circus, I hope it was fun. A lot goes into these types of circus's you know. Ciao

Zeta said...

Thank you very much. The music for the show was in English and French which made a beautiful combination. Wonderful entertainment.

Kim went home on Tuesday after her last Dr.s appointment. So far, so good.