Friday, January 16, 2009

Should have never said "Whats next!"

The Taurus had a tire deflate while Steve was working in his office. This is the last thing you want to see after a ten hour day. He placed a new tire on the car, so far so good. Sometimes it just seems items fall in categories of three. Yes, the PT is starting to act up as well. The lights on the dash are starting to shine bright to dim. At least it starts.

When I punched the time clock and glanced up at the TV, I saw a plane floating in the water after leaving New York. I spent the entire evening feeling sad for the passengers. Then when I arrived home and saw the news, I smiled. Everyone survived and the employees of US Airways were heroes. That is what happens when you assume the worst.


ol Doc said...

We watched amazed as the passengers walked along the wing to get onto the ferry boats that rushed to help. Wasn't that a great way to end the episode - all survived and New York has more heroes to add to the count.

One guy said he fell asleep waiting to take off and woke to the bouncing of the plane hitting water. He also said he removed clothing when he started getting wet - pants and then shirt and jackets...until he was down to his underwear. Guess he forgot he'd need to get into the water to get to a boat - I'd rather not join the Polar Bear Club while trying to get to safety from a sinking plane!

RANGER said...

Wasn't that amazing? Who better than the captains of the Circle Line ferries to be so familiar with the currents of the river. Imagine being able to get so close that the people could step aboard or to a ladder, and not overrun your position?

A grateful passenger commented that God had his hand on all of them, that day. Isn't it nice to have it acknowledged?

Zeta said...

LOL, thank goodness he did not stop, drop, and roll.