Sunday, November 30, 2008

Small paragraphs.

"Happy Anniversary" to my parents of "50 Years", which was on turkey day. Wow, what an accomplishment not many people can claim. Ranger, Dad, Biged, Mark, Adam, Veronica, Steve, Elissa and I all joined for a feast of turkey fixings. Hum, Rangers stuffing and butternut squash was very, very, good.

We went to see Kim in the hospital with turkey fixings, plus a key lime pie Thanksgiving Day afternoon. We also brought a game which we knew she would win. Kim received a turkey sandwich for dinner with vegetables just as we arrived to her room. I whispered in her ear we had a real Thanksgiving dinner for her and her Mom in the cooler. She had a big smile on her face while expressing appreciation for family attention. Adam and Veronica brought their laptop so she would check her mail while using an air card. Hum, air card nice.

The heavy winds are bringing a cold front for the tropics to enjoy this evening. We noticed the gray sky with rain on its way as we unloaded the groceries from Publix into the kitchen. Publix was not crowed even though it is a Sunday several days after turkey day.


RANGER said...

Didn't we have fun, though? I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it almost as much as I did.

Big Ed said...

Yes, 50 years takes some doing. I'm sure they have stuck to their vows which end at the end of time. So they are waiting for the end of time.

I'm glad Kimmie had a good thanksgiving weekend. I'm sure she scarfed that up.