Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is it really Dec.

Where did the time go. The last two weeks are a blur. The Christmas tree is standing tall in the living room requiring a few more decorations. Christmas cards are in the mail. As for Christmas shopping, hum, in a few hours this process will begin.

Happy Anniversary to E. and S. :)

We went to see Kim and she knew exactly how long she has been in the hospital since her surgery. She gave us a detailed description of her journey. She has also mastered the wheel chair and were the brakes are. David and Lynn also arrived to visit the same time we did with homemade chocolate cake. Of course I ate a piece. Every bite was wonderful.


RANGER said...

Chocolate is the primary food group, isn't it?

Kim is so amazing with her ability to recall anyone's birthday and keep time like a calendar clock.

Waaaah, I have our cards, but they are still all pristine and safe in their boxes.

ol Doc said...

Chocolate is from a plant that has roots in the ground. Squash is from a plant that has roots in the ground. Carrots are roots, in the ground. Squash and Carrots are vegetables, therefore -logically, Chocolate is also a vegetable!