Friday, November 21, 2008

Awwwhhh, PowerPoint

YYeessss. My last conquest will be a PowerPoint presentation which will be 24% of my grade. The sound of the door closing for my computer class is on the horizon. New respect for the computer guru will be initiated for Steve. Also for Elissa. Mark and I went to see them play professionally with the Symphonic Band they practice with every Tuesday. A CD was recorded which they do at every concert and sold for profits so the band can continue buying equipment, etc. Wow, I cried with happiness, we were so proud of them. The patrons around us who attend often, asked us many questions including who we knew in the symphonic band. Keeping our location private is why I did not list the name of the symphonic band. Elissa plays the flute and wow, she sounds so beautiful. Steve plays most of the percussion instruments, and he to sounded wonderful too. Solo's too. Steve was wearing a tuxedo he purchased, and Elissa was wearing a black outfit to match, and she looked so beautiful.


ol Doc said...

Great good luck on your end of computer classes. The light really does exist at the end of the proverbial tunnel, doesn't it!

It's great to hear S. and E. are in Symphonic Band and what a wonderful thing to have such skill - makes me wish I'd stuck with the accordian. NOT.

If my first choice - piano - had been available when we signed up for music lessons, I'd probably be able to play today. The salesman said that taking accordian would be just like learning to play a piano - so I said okay and went bravely for my first lesson. The teacher was abrupt and rude. I still recall what he told me at that first lesson... "You don't make me mad and I won't make you mad." I don't remember any of his instruction after that and the instrument was heavy and ill fitting. Plus, I hated the noise coming out of it. Mom let me stop after the 3rd lesson.

I still like to sit at the piano downstairs and pick, out simple melodies. When no one else is in the house, of course

RANGER said...

What will be the subject of your presentation? Will you email it, if possible?

And did you ever think that little boy in the Cub Scout uniform would own his own tux someday? That was just not in my vision for his future! How wonderful that he and Elissa share so much in common. 'Course, considering where they met . . .

Big Ed said...

I wonder when their next concert is going to be, Christmas?

Yeah, who ever heard of a rude tutor. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. He, or she must have had rude kids in the past or something. I imagine he, or she had cancellations all the time.

Zeta said...

The next concert is 12/16. I have requested the day off from work. No response from my request since my boss is out of town for Thanksgiving. Some people are meant to teach and some are not.