Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The phone rang as I was walking out the door.

The telephone rang as I was about to head out the door to work around 11:15 am. Oh, oh, the caller ID had my office phone number with three dots after the number. My boss received a phone call from another co-worker stating his Great Grandmother had passed away. SOOoooo, I will skip school this evening to cover for the missing employee during the night shift . My professor has already received a phone call and email so she won't wait for me in class. We are still down one person; however, we do not have enough work to hire another person.

The weather was cccooollllddd this morning. A 7 am computor test was waiting for me at Miami Dade College. Then, I hit road work construction on 88th. Three lanes down to one lane with bright orange cones as the guidlines of where to drive. WHAT, are these workers crazy, or do they just enjoy watching cars squeese into spots that are too small.


RANGER said...

I believe you have hit on the reason there is so much road construction. Squeezing three lanes into one is just downright creative.

Sorry to hear about the G-G-mother. Are the services being held locally or did he have to travel? Sad.

Zeta said...

Locally. He returned to work on yesterday which is the same day I went back to class and worked the day shift.