Saturday, November 15, 2008

Answer questions, or you will not pass.

The Access chapter test will not let me pass due to four questions the system keeps freezing up on. My professor said to skip these questions when asked about this problem in class. The program just moved the questions to the end of the test waiting for a response. We just started the test in class and did not finish due to time, so we were instructed to finish the test at home. The four questions did not allow me to pass the test at the end of the test because I did not answer them. The test requires me to answer all the questions in order to pass. The system will not allow me to answer the four questions because it freezes up and will not continue. The next steps will tell be about how I was unable to solve this diploma.

Sent emails to my professor, no response yet.
Called Pearson for IT help and was instructed to hang up and go online into chat room help.
Nobody would be available to help me over the phone with this type of error per phone recording. No way. A recording actually responded these exact words.
Went online and was transferred to another employee. Placed on chat room hold.
Disconnected from chat room hold while waiting for new employee to arrive.
Went back online into help chat room help, again.
New employee did apologized for the dropped chat threads.
He was not able to figure why the system kept freezing up since he could not find the folder my test was placed in. Gave up at this point with chat room help.
Wrote to my professor a third time. Still waiting for response.

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RANGER said...

What is the MATTER with Access? This used to be a good program. I wonder if there is a patch for the problems.