Saturday, November 8, 2008

Life is good.

Whoo, hoo, Adam received good news from his last Doctors visit. He can now return to exercising routine as long as he does not run, but lifting weights is OK. He plans to eat healthier so he can loose some weight along with visits to the gym. His next Doctors visit is in January for an uls test; just to make sure all is well. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers. He will continue his meds for three more months which will go by quickly.

What are the odds.

We will be attending two different weddings for our co-workers the next couple of weekends. Last C. to the rescue in search of the perfect dress. Oh, what a great store. Bling, Bling. I tried on one outfit after another in my search of seeking the perfect dress. Finally found an oufit. Silver beading is hand stitched on the edges of the dress along with the jacket. Once the jacket comes off, its a nice party dress. The first wedding is located at a ballroom, and the second is at the Hotel Sofitel. Almost a year for S. and E. They are such a cute couple. No really, they are.


RANGER said...

I have to agree completely with your last statement. S and E really are.

So happy for Adam. He has been in many folks' prayers, I am sure.

Can we expect pictures of Zeta in the new dress?

Zeta said...

Sure, I will post pictures. Also in my possession is a DSW check for $20 for a future pair of silver shoes.