Sunday, August 17, 2008

In search of.

An announcement was heard over my radio as I was driving to Publix to purchase a few more items. "You are responsible for preparing your food, home, and water supply before the storm hits our area." Do we really have to remind people of this concept? My goodness.

Outside our home is so so quiet. No wind in sight, yet. Calm before the storm. We did receive heavy rain, and thunder early this morning. I plan to have Starbucks coffee ready to brew so when the storm hits, I’ll hit the grind button before we loose power. This will also depend on what time Fay may hit our area. The School Board will announce whether schools will be open tomorrow later this afternoon. Key West drivers are already on the roads seeking shelters to take cover until the storm watch and warnings end.

Today, we are in search of D-batteries for back-up usage. The TV and fans we used for hurricane supplies take 8 of them per item.


RANGER said...

I hope you find the batteries you need and, better yet, hope you don't need to use them.

While I was walking toward CVS to pick up some prescriptions, a gust blew my hair inside out, then quieted down. Right now the leaves are moving gently on the hibiscus. I hope they stay that way.

Zeta said...

Yes, thank you, Publix had the D-batteries at the cash registers. We just had a huge guest of wind this morning with large drops of rain. Its quiet at the moment.