Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waiting Watching hum sitting ducks

"As we are waiting, watching." These are words taken from the National Hurricane Center. “Your Local on the 8s.” Oh boy. Fay, does anybody really use this name for their child?

S. purchased a small TV for me which runs off of D-batteries. M. purchased a hair dryer for me than runs off the car lighter. These are must have items. Batteries, can food, paper plates, cash on hand, gas in car, extra food for cats, laundry, water supply, lotto tickets, all done. The wind picks up speed once in a while as clouds move over our home quickly. Hurricane or Tropical Storm anticipation comes to mind. The grocery stores are packed with long lines, and gas lines are starting to grow. Anybody who claims not to have time to prepare is not telling the truth. I remember hearing this statement from Miami folks during Katrina. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. M. and I always have one last meal at a restaurant just before a storm in case we loose power for a long time. Two weeks without power feels like months during the summer heat. Chance of rain, pretty good.


RANGER said...

Chance of losing power? Our neighborhood has had two complacent, hurricane-less, years of growing trees and tall bushes. Our power and phone lines are attached to wooden poles which do not receive proper maintenance and replacement.

I wish FP&L believed in Proper Planning Preventing Poor Performance. Sometimes, folks insert an extra P in there. FP&L deserves one.

Zeta said...

We totally agree with you. FP&L gave an announcement that they had a plan for the distant future to reduce repair time due to the loss of power. So far, we are still waiting for the new technology to appear. The tech-employees work hard to repair the transformers and disconnected pole lines. AT&T employees work just has hard to give back disconnected phone service. FP&L must give the all-clear before phone service can be returned for safety. We have our battery operated fans on standby.