Monday, August 18, 2008

Where is that sound coming from!

Body Guard almost rain into the sliding glass door when it started to rain loud 7:30 a.m. This was from inside the house too. He calmed down after I spoke to him for a few minutes. He does know how to use the cat-box and hide behind my legs. My thoughts wondered what Mew was doing at that moment. Mini-Me just looked at me with big eyes as she hid in the washroom on top of M.s tool box. Buttons and Big Bad Bear Kitty seemed to have experience with this type of rain. StarBucks sat with Mom and Dad wondering what was next.

The sky looks as if nature is spring cleaning and her dust is falling upon us.

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RANGER said...

No sun, just rain, clouds, not much wind. Mew is sticking with us since she got up. Both of us are in the dining room, just now, and she casually strolled in and joined us. I am sure she knows something is up. She may even remember Andrew - we surely do.