Friday, March 14, 2008

Items to be delivered.

FedEx is bringing a camera and a set of cordless phones to our house today. The camera has an option which will allow us to e-mail pictures to our family and friends seconds after taking the pictures. The emails will be pre-programmed into the camera along with a list of (may need help from Steve) instructions. is a great site and posts an item a day at a great price along with silly jokes about their products. Starbucks is changing from their current internet connection to AT&T. Yahoo, now we can surf the web as we drink our coffee with our no sugar added banana loaf cake.

We hope your are feeling better biged. Your cold will be gone before you realize its Thursday again. Drink plenty of water, take your vitamins, and maybe soup with crackers on the side will help.


Big Ed said...

I accidently took your advice. Meaning I did those things first then saw your website. I plan on going to bed before the retiree's here in the sunny land of the seventy degrees. I'll wake up the latest of us all tomorrow. More than likely I'll sleep all day again,I'm very weak

ol Doc said...

Oh, poor BigEd. Hope he feels much better after a long restful weekend. No plans to cut grass or smash open coconuts, I take it?

I went to I don't believe I'll stay up until midnight for the next offer but what a neat website! Thanks, Zeta.

RANGER said...

Soup, soup, and more soup - Contstant Comment tea, too: Big Ed's diet of choice right now. Supplies were replenished, today.

Woot, oh yes, good stuff!

Big Ed said...

The grass doesn't know it but it is not allowed to grow anymore till I feel better about cutting the lawn. Till then, I'm eating soup all day long.