Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coconut Grove

These pictures were taken at the circle just before Ingrim Highway makes a right turn which leads to Coconut Grove. The trees that line the streets with shade allowed the temperature for bike ride adventure to be soothing. Do you think this two-story house would make a good vacation home?


RANGER said...

Are these taken with the new camera? Awesome. It looks as if something is living in the rocky cave of one shot. Wonder what?

ol Doc said...

Wouldn't you love to have a live-aboard moored up under the shade trees - I'd prefer that to a 2 story house I do believe. Great shots.

Big Ed said...

It makes me feel unfortunate to see such things that I can not afford. I generally avoid these special neighborhoods with special material things. Though it would be nice to live in them. Aren't digital camera's the bomb?