Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food, candy, good.

Hum good, I'm eating candy I found in Biged’s suitcase he packed for his trip.

We had a luncheon at the office today for Zoe's last day at the office. She is transferring to another location to work as a nurse since she past her certification test. The luncheon was from 12:00 to 1:30 which gave me time to go home and cook dinner. Must find time for Steno. Must find time for Steno.

The candy papers are starting to expand on my table. If Biged is lucky, maybe I won't eat all his candy. All gone, ops. I left the receipt on his desk so he can keep track of his expenses. The candy was taken at the same time I permanently borrowed his alarm clock and IPod with an I-tunes card attached.


RANGER said...

When he returns, he may notice missing sodas. Must replace.

Sadly, no candy. No papers, either. Someone must have cleaned up after herself. Big Ed does have a watchcat, though.

ol Doc said...

We are sure that, when questioned - the Watchcat will say, "Aei knows nuffing aboudt dat..."

Big Ed said...

I can deduct the usual suspects from the home crowd. From there I can use my powers of deduction from the silence of whom is guilty. In the end, I suspect no respect and I will have to refill the soda cans myself.