Thursday, January 24, 2008

2006 was traded for 2007

Somehow, a kind sole managed to give me a sinus head cold. The good news is my systems take away my desire for food.

I could not find Microsoft Word in my computer last night in class after I took my steno test. My goodness, they traded Microsoft 2006 for Word 2007. Totally different areas with the same functions; but, you have to guess where the tool bar features were moved to. Because of my frustration with Word 2007, I had a hard time transcribing my test. I found spell check, and I am still wondering where paragraph double spacing was moved to. Students must transcribe in a hurry which did not leave me much time how to figure out how the new tool bar features work. On Monday, I will arrive to class early so I can play with the tool bar at my own pace.

This morning, there was a fog so thick that many drivers had a few fender penders. I could hear the sirens going to and from Baptist Hospital this morning with injured drivers. Please allow Friday to be a better day. Therapy session has now ended.


ranger said...

I hope the sinus retreats to normalcy, soon. Is a doctor's visit going to happen? Z-Pak goooood.

01 Doc said...

Poor Zeta - use tissue with lotion to save the nose from looking like Rudolph the Reindeer's. Either that or regular tissue and a glop of Vick's Salve whenever you blow. I'm trying to think where

the Word double space lives....

Maybe it will come to me soon.

Certainly hope so.

Zeta said...

Thank you. My sinuses are better today; if I regress, Dr. Gonzalez will have a visit from me next week.

Yes, I did purchase tissue will lotion yesterday at Publix. Also used Afrin, Tylenol, and a couple of Crossing Jordan TV shows while resting.

ranger said...

The Crossing Jordans must have been especially effective. Anything to relax you, no? You are getting sleeeepy.

No, that's me. 'Night.

Big Ed said...

It is almost as if switching to word 2007 was part of the test. Don't you hate it when that happens. Teachers obviously don't care when this happens. Shows you have to be at a test early just to see if any changes happened.