Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Court Reporter Professor, Mrs. Rowe.

Mrs. Rowe told the court reporter students sad news as all of us tried to hide our tears. Her husband of over thirty-years does not have much time left due to an illness. He arrived from their second home in North Carolina for the Thanksgiving Holidays to repair the roof of their Miami home. He told her he went to see a Doctor in North Carolina since he wasn’t feeling well; the physician gave him meds. My professor knew by his actions this was more than just aches and pains. She took him to see a Doctor in Miami who ran more tests and told them he had cancer in the brain. She has created a wonderful family atmosphere by joking with her husband and son. She also does the same for us with jokes throughout the class. She has given me tons of inspiration to succeed in life by helping me with my Court Reporter career. Mrs. Rowe may read this blog since I sent the wedding pictures to her as well. Please add the Rowe Family to your prayers.


ol Doc said...

We will certainly add the Rowe's to the prayer list. What a great thing to find a teacher to motivate you and make things fun. I think you learn the most when you're enjoying yourself in class.

Ranger said...

I will pray for the Rowe family also. Her students are fortunate to have her in their lives. Thank you for letting us know.