Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tap, tap, tap, bing.

The Van Dyke Cafe located on Lincoln Road was where Mark and I had breakfast on Saturday. Talking about our memories of Elissa's and Steve's wedding was a wonderful experience as we walked past the Miami Beach Community Church and the Yuca restaurant. Walking on the beach near the water was great exercise, relaxing, and occasionally we could view stunt airplanes practicing over the water. We stopped at Starbucks on the way to the restaurant since I desperately needed coffee sooner than I could retrieve the substance at the restaurant.

My blog posting has slowed down since I have been practicing steno for a minimum of three hours per-day. Saturday was five hours without me realizing how fast the time past by. The first hour contains fingers-drills which is going strengthen my hands to increase my speed. It’s working; even the muscles in my neck are complaining. My professor had all the students sign a paper contract of our practice steno schedule. Somewhere in my new schedule Pilates and Yoga need to find a permanent time frame.


ol Doc said...

Wow, you are really REALLY busy and your skills are growing by leaps and bounds. Toughening the hands and gaining speed - sounds like you only need Pilates for the rest of you, not from the wrists outward. :)

Ranger said...

Busy Bee: do you have the urge to flit from flower to flower? Do bees use Mineral Ice on sore necks?

Probably not ...