Sunday, September 23, 2007

Condo and a family member in Dr's care.

S. and E. have purchased a condo that is beautiful. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, with granite kitchen counters, marble bathroom tiles, and wood floors. There’s recessed lighting in the ceiling, kitchen cabinets with lights inside to highlight their china or glasses. The condo includes BBQ areas, tennis courts, entrance security, and two separate pools. There is a patio balcony with a storage room to one side. The landscaping of the gardens flows from one side of the building to the other. We watched squirrels run and play as we walked around the building to view a cannel near by. The loan closing will be in the middle of October on E's birthday. The condo is extremely beautiful. Congratulations to both of them.

M's twin brother is in the hospital with a heart problem and he is in our prayers for a quick recovery.


Big Ed said...

Congratz to S and E. I'll add M's twin to the prayer list.

ol Doc said...

How wonderful for S. & E. Furnished or unfurnished?
Things they need?
You could conceivably combine a bridal shower with a housewarming party and have two tiers of gifts. Like, a garter belt attached to a feather duster - just detach the duster before throwing the garter!

Zeta said...

LOL. The condo is unfurnished except for one lamp, and wood window blinds. S and E have already window shopped for bedroom and living furniture. S. has taken measurements of all the rooms. He then placed the measurements in a program called Visio which gave him a blue print of the furniture from the ceiling. I'll ask S. if I can post the Visio picture on the blog. A few weeks ago when I asked both of them what they needed as priority, they both said everything. Two tiers of gifts, hum, good idea Aunt o1 Doc.

RANGER said...

We are delighted for S and E. I hope you can post the Visio shot. Back in the day, I used to use Visio for flow charts.

Will pray for M's twin, for sure.