Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jury Charge - Speed Racer

MDCC is timing the first Jury Charge test this evening for the C.R. students who just entered level three. Yesterday, five hours of my day was dedicated studying for the test which contains words taken from an actual trial. The case contains twenty witnesses with the State trying to prove conspiracy to commit murder with four defendants. The law states, when a group of people gather and talk about murder, yes that is considered a conspiracy. The judge asked each of the defendants separately how long the meeting lasted when they planned this murder. Each one told the judge a meeting never took place. Do people really respond with “Well your honor, we met on Monday for about two hours.”

M. and I heard six cars crash into each other 7:15 a.m. Sunday morning. Screech, bam, bam, bam, pause, bam, bam, bam. Since I work in hospital, my conscience spoke to me and we went to see if someone needed help. The accident happened on the 878 fly over while the six cars were trying to merge by using an entrance ramp. Nobody was hurt and two State Troopers were already on the scene. The scene looked as if two of the cars may have been racing and one hit the wall which created a domino effect.


RANGER said...

Those are really big dominoes. I'm glad no one was hurt. Maybe some feelings ... it was good of you two to go and see.

People have been playing large dominoes all around the county recently, haven't they?

As to the conspiracy meeting, perhaps someone like OJ might have said they met for a couple of hours. He also might have brought along someone with a tape recorder. Duh. ;)

ol Doc said...

Fingers crossed for the testing outcome... prayers ascending, as well.

It was good of the two of you to go see if anyone needed help. It runs in the family since I recall Ranger stopping at a bad one on 102 Ave and rendering assistance - this was years back but the memory sticks....

Big Ed said...

I'm numb to the way people drive down here. Someone ran past me doing a hundred on I-95. Scaring every driver as this biker buzzed every car the driver passed. I just don't pay attention to these things. I accept it and go on.