Thursday, September 27, 2007

The white dot photo.

The temperature of 76 ' felt cool as we walked to our cars last night from class. It has rained all week for hours at a time. A glass round vase with sea shells inside has five inches of water can be viewed on my patio table in the backyard. This picture was taken while I was feeding the Blue Jays this morning. The city life is apparent due to all the cable TV and electricity wires that flow from house to house. The leaning pole was left over by Hurricane Andrew.


RANGER said...

We are enjoying the temp change, too. Our grass is getting taller, even by moonlight in the morning :)

Big Ed said...

It is still not worth sleeping with out A/C. I'm more comfortable with it than with out it.

ol Doc said...

We're expecting cooler temps this weekend. Yeah, they said lower eighties. Like, that's gonna' cool me off!

Pretty shot of the moon in the morning sky!