Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Must find more time. Found it.

A milestone has been achieved since an appointment was scheduled for Saturday July 28, to have my hair cut and blown dry by an expert. Yes, my hair has grown down my back and I have to curl the ends which are very frail. My plan is to have breakfast at Joffrey’s which is in the same mall as my hair appointment, Peter of London. Joffrey’s is a restaurant located in Kendall which serves an excellent Havana Breakfast Burrito. The salsa and pineapple are mixed together which it is so good…….

Breakfast Burrito: Two scrambled eggs, ham, onions, peppers, with cheddar Monterey jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with sour cream and salsa. $6


ol Doc said...


Breakfast at Joffrey's - $6.
Hair cut at Peter's of L. - $$$
A Full Tummy and Lookin' Good - PRICELESS

Zeta said...

LOL, a full tummy and hair I do not have to style myself is priceless.

RANGER said...

We would like to see the new-you-h'do ... maybe via an email. S did a great job with the digital camera last time.

That's a stress-reliever day you have planned. Come to think of it, M's birthday, is verrrry soon.

Celebration time!