Saturday, July 21, 2007

A day of dress shopping for a future wedding. :)

Elissa, her mom, sister and I went to David's Bridal to pick out our dresses for the wedding. The bride and groom parents are part of the opening ceremony with the wedding party. The wedding planner took our picture since we made such a lovely group of wedding participants. Elissa tried on her wedding dress and she is such a beautiful bride to be. Oh, we had such a wonderful time and there is 147 day until the wedding. :)


RANGER said...

The first official documentation! I am so eager to see the pictures although I guess I will have to wait.

How nice of the planner to do this. Her experience in this field is invaluable, no?

ol Doc said...

Ohhh, that sounds yummy.

Do you ever watch "Bridezilla" on cable? Funny show and the couples apparently are compensated for being filmed in all their distressful situations by getting a nice honeymoon trip to Acapulco.

Zeta said...

Yes, we have watched the show and wonder why would he marry her. LOL.
I would love to add E. to the family Mooty tree tracing back to 1600.

ol Doc said...

Adding to the family tree is a great idea. I have a version of an genealogy program on a computer that can add to the line. We need Last Name, First Middle, Date Born. Where born. Mother. Father Grands and even Great Grands of E's when known. You can also try contact the website online that was posted by Joe Nickel at TierraNet and see if he can update his version.

Zeta said...

The pictures have not arrived to my e-mail which means, we may have to wait until the big day. Yes, the wedding planner is invaluable. She also has been requested for celebrity weddings, not a surprise, she is wonderful. My hair and make-up will be applied by a professional at the hotel before the wedding. Wow, now we are all going to look wonderful. A small hint. My dress is the same color that Zeta was with a sweet heart neck line, and a shawl for my shoulders. Plus there are bling, bling, sequence across the front. For those who do not know, Zeta was my chocolate brown Burmese cat.
July 22, 2007 4:17 PM

Zeta said...

Thank you Aunt Doc 01. After the wedding, I will contact Joe Nickel at TierraNet to add E. :)