Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guests for the weekend

M.'s brother and granddaughter are going spend the weekend with us from Sebastian Florida. The house is very neat looking aka safe for a toddler to plunder and explore. In preparation for our house guest, I cooked turkey spaghetti last night so the flavors can simmer in the sauce over night.

There are many Harry Potter fans walking around Kendall reading their books as the rest of the world performs around them. A young lady standing in line at the bank had her book open while she was just starting to read the book with many pages ahead of her. Mark asked if she wouldn’t mind flipping to the back of the book and read what happens at the end to one of the characters. She laughed out loud and seemed to enjoy her moments of reading between home and work.


ol Doc said...

Hope your guests enjoy themselves and the blended flavors of the "pasghetti". Has anybody figured out who or what the Ghostly Hallows are?

RANGER said...

"Plunder" takes me back to S being little. Our house is no longer plunder-proof, but it used to be.

0l doc:
If you Google "Deathly Hallows" and go to the Wikipedia site, it will tell you. But it will also spoil the book for you, so you probably shouldn't do it.

Zeta said...

Adam and a co-worker of his are also eating pasghetti as I am writing this message. There is plenty of pasghetti to go around.