Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rav4 missing, gold paint, 38,000. almost perfect condition.

International Mall and Dolphin Mall have an operation of thieves who are stealing cars for parts or possibly shipping the vehicles out of state. The reason we know this is, E’s mom had her Rav4 stolen from International Mall on Saturday. The 2001 Rav4 only had 38,000.00 miles on the speedometer since she works close to home. The police officer told her that two more cars were stolen from Dolphin Mall as he was driving to help her with the report. I hope the detectives working the case find the vehicle soon in the same shape with all parts attached. How do the thieves know which cars have lo-jack and which do not? Lucky guess?

Tomorrow is my professor’s birthday and I am taking a card, ice, present and sodas to class. Almost sounds like I am back in Jr. High School. Hopefully she will be surprised by our pre-planning.


Big Ed said...

As for Lojack, what I've heard is that the car thieves leave the car at a bublix and watch it for 24 hours. If the car is picked up it has a lojack on it, assumed and the thieves are not caught. I hope your jr high day went well.

Big Ed said...

bublix, Publix(spelling anyone?) Sorry about that.

Zeta said...

Yes, the Jr high day went well. It was a trip carrying the cooler on a cart across the school campus.